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World is witnessing the impact of COVID19 on all facets of life, all the countries globally, in all the industries, all the commercial activities as well as our personal lives.

While world is making all possible efforts to contain the spread of pandemic and will eventually bring it under control, but the business impact of pandemic will be felt for long time affecting growth in almost all the all sectors.

Business enterprises, especially the ones with weak financials and fundamentals, will experience challenges in acquiring new clients and in renegotiating existing contracts. With changing priorities at client ends, severe pressure on Cash-flows will be felt by most of the organizations.

Having read and written enough about the losses and financial difficulties that is faced by businesses, we know there are some who have seen the situation as a business opportunity. And then there are some who have quickly taken COVID imposed constraints, restrictions & limitations as challenges that they must overcome. How? By use of simple technology, often available free.

During the hard times of covid-19, many companies of specific sectors have done extremely well by smoothly providing business continuity to clients without lowering quality or productivity. The reason behind their success is using the available communication bandwidth both from homes and in small towns or in each and every place where employees are stuck and unable to move.

Empowered by their organisations, employees are using digital tools for online video meeting and secure instant messaging through tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and so many other available free or at affordable subscription. They are accessing informal platforms from Azure cloud, securely accessing applications via VPN connectivity and performing their daily tasks in comfort of their home. Some of the organisations have reported higher output and productivity by their employees. Aa ha, now this is interesting.

Impact of Covid-19 is extremely destructive for businesses and economies but the era of Internet and Technology has come to rescue in challenging the impact of pandemic, especially by providing a connected ecosystem for teams working on customer needs. Customer has not felt that there is lack in communication from organisations that were quick in adopting the technology solutions. Organizations have been successful by ensuring a two way communication between customers and themselves.

Recently, I read a blog with the title - “Tensed father of 21st century son.” Father was worried about his son’s career and disruption in studies due to pandemic. Father said “I am going to provide my son all the best possible education with extra emphasis on awareness of Technology. Because in the morning newspaper there was an article in the job’s section where they needed a minimum qualification of “Diploma in Software.” – Opportunity, Problem & Solution; all simplified.

Role of technology in our lives cannot be questioned in today’s world, it is just that COVID has brought technology in the centre of strategy for the organizations that ready for a fight, not only to survive, but also to grow during these difficult times. Each and every occupation, industry or even growing startups in every field is dependent on technology and must make most of it.

Author: Aparna Basnet,

Software Engineer,

Care Risk Solution

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