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CARE Risk solutions Kalypto/ECL suite is a comprehensive IFRS solution that helps to bridge gap between existing GAAP and IFRS standard. In order to address the difficulties in generation of financial statements our ECL solutions extends to cover the Financial Reporting Automation through its FRA (Financial reporting automation) suite.


Highly configurable at the front end, it is in accordance with the IFRS standards issued by regulators. The solution enables banks to compute its IFRS related provision expeditiously, saving precious time &resources. 


The software also has the ability to automate all the existing manual work like GL reconciliation, preparation of chart of accounts, MIS and various dashboards at the click of a button. With the help of account posting configuration interface, adjustments in the charts of accounts are figured out based on the difference between IFRS and earlier accounting standards and its impact is assessed while drawing the chart of accounts.


A highly scalable solution that serves as a foundation for evolving regulatory risk requirements and for integrating the institution’s entire Credit Risk information.


Kalypto/Credit enables banks and institutions to rate/score corporate and retail customers, accurately assess credit exposures in multiple dimensions, and automatically calculate and compare the effects of alternative risk-mitigation strategies. CARE Risk Solutions delivers a robust, modular, highly configurable, best practices risk management framework with "proactive" capabilities and flexibility to accommodate all on & off-balance sheet credit products. It also performs the critical calculations for regulatory & economic capital, using a choice of Standardized and IRB approaches. Kalypto/Credit is compliant with the Basel II guidelines.


Kalypto/ALM integrates with the bank’s core and satellite systems to provide the management with detailed analysis of the balance sheet in terms of structural liquidity gaps, interest sensitivity and dynamic liquidity. Besides basic gap analysis, the solution also provides impact of rate-shocks on the banks’ balance sheet etc.


Kalypto/FTP enables institutions to accurately determine and measure the profitability and contribution of various business units. The solution provides institutions with a choice of methods to construct an FTP curve coupled with an FTP rule engine to adjust the curve on account of various parameters. Based on the rate assigned by the rule engine, the solution determines the contribution of each business unit. The solution is also bundled with a modeling tool, which enables banks to bucket asset and liability products which have indeterminate maturity.


Banks provide various loans and advances to industries, corporate and individuals. The interest received on these loans is their main source of income. Granting loans and advances involves risk and proper assessment needs to be done before extending, Kalypto/Credit product suite of CARE Risk helps to enhance credit assessment process of Bank and other financial institutions. It has been designed to cater the changing business needs of credit approvals. It allows Bank to configure the steps involved in loan processing depending on loan types and comes with complete front and back office processing functionality from Appraisal creation till disbursement of funds. There is inbuilt parallel Delegation authority matrix based on different combination to automate present process. It helps bank to improve TAT by using automated workflow mechanism to save precious man hours and focus on more innovative product offerings. 


In this uncertain environment bank needs constant reassurance that their assets portfolio has good-quality low-risk advances. With advancement in technology it is now possible to do ongoing surveillance for early detection of stressed loans and advances. Using hybrid analysis and advance technology we have designed an Early warning signals system (EWS) which is set of guided processes for identifying the stress at early stage. 

Analysis shows Effective monitoring reduces the risk of loan loss. Bank can maintain tighter control over the loans and advances. EWS system is able to generate Alerts on different breaches, breaches can be at different threshold levels to compute the EWS Score. The system does monitoring at borrower level for all association held with bank, this allows to leverage more as more library parameters gets collected.


Kalypto/Ops is a comprehensive solution which provides a robust, enterprise-wide platform for identification, measurement, monitoring, and control of operational risk.


New technologies, complex products and trading catastrophes have rapidly increased the need for more rigorous operational control. Kalypto/Ops facilitates uniform application of risk policies and procedures throughout the bank.


Kalypto/Ops provides a choice of tools ranging from the conventional Loss Event Management through the most contemporary Scorecard Modelling Techniques to generate a risk profile of the institution and also compute capital charge. 


Kalypto/V@R is a market risk management solution, which integrates with the bank’s existing treasury system to upload position data across multiple asset classes and computes capital charge arising out of market risk using a choice of either the standardized approach on an RWA basis or the internal models approach using V@R methodologies.


An innovative solution to help bank in Loan recovery process. It caters to importance of advance recovery process of bank and other financial institute. 

It comes with decisioning, workflow, and self-service capabilities to manage outstanding debt. its advance agent allocation module (3AM) helps in increasing recoveries and reducing costs of Bank. 

It helps in improving collection efforts and increases your accounts receivable by identifying accounts with the highest payment potential.


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