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CARE Risk Solution (Wholly owned subsidiary of CARE Ratings ltd) has over 15 years global experience  in providing cutting edge Risk & Compliance solutions to Banks and Financial Institutions. With a sustained presence in more than 10 countries and with over 80+ implementations , CARE Risk Solutions has consistently focused on customer experience & helping financial institutions manage Governance and control Financial & Operational risk. 

Our state of the art Risk Management products powered by cognitive technology, cutting edge AI and ML helps banks detect risk at an early stage. We also help banks continuously monitor and implement risk frameworks for effective controls & governance. 

Our expert team of experienced professionals has helped several organisations across the globe replace traditional systems with modern risk frameworks.

Ajay Mahajan

Managing Diretor & CEO, CARE Ratings Ltd.

Chairman, CARE Risk Solutions.

A widely experienced financial services expert with 30 years in banking and capital market businesses.

Ajay Mahajan
  • Our focused approach towards strategic risk framework, industry expertise, experience across multiple continents and ability to deliver innovative, custom, modular solutions helps financial institutions control risk functions with ease.

  • Our expert team has the unique ability to turn around complex, large implementations in half the time taken by our competitors. Our support team also  ensures consistent delivery and support which avoids any business diruptions.

  • Our program management services helps clients by effectively implementing projects and product delivery with agility and speed. With focused delivery assurance reviews and delivery leadership the team strives to ensure adherence to project timelines and avoid project overruns.

  • Our intuitive User Interface ensures high quality data and analysis which helps business take better decisions.

  • We implement technology for holistic framework in a single platform encompassing business and technology risk. High performance architecture provides availability, scalability for continuous business functions.

  • Our global help desk strives to achieve real time, hassle free query resolutions to ensure hassle free operations.

Value proposition

Technology & Operations


Why CARE Risk Solutions

  • Skilled Functional and Technical Teams with domain expertise and intercontinental project implementation experience .

  • Deep experience handling Ratings Platform to  ensure process improvement and ease of use.

  • All projects anchored by professionals with strong foundation of Rating, Early Warning System, Regulatory Compliance, CRM & interlinked integrations.

  • Focus on Next Generation UI /UX , AI/ML framework, for a high tech,  scalable ecosystem.

  • Expert query resolution team available on demand.

  • Strong Commitment towards timelines, quality and availability.

  • Global implementation experience ensures deep understanding of local requirements, best practices, knowledge sharing and rapid turn around time.